Exercise 1.Используя причастие II, переведите следующие сочетания слов на английский язык.
история болезни, написанная доктором
доклад, сделанный профессором
больной, осмотренный врачом
мальчик, госпитализированный вчера
опухоль, обнаруженная на рентгенограмме
операция, выполненная под общей анестезией

Exercise 2.Из пары слов, данных в скобках, выберите подходящее по смыслу:

  1. The patient will be … if he follows all the doctor’s recommendations (curing, cured).
  2. She could not sleep because of that … noise in the street (annoying, annoyed).
  3. The news about his death was shocking, so we all were shocked when we heard it (shocking, shocked).
  4. Be careful when … the road. (crossed, crossing)

Exercise 3.Выберите предложения в страдательном залоге:

  1. Профессор N. очень интересно читает лекции.
  2. Эти лекции очень интересно читаются.
  3. Деньги можно разменять в любом банке.
  4. Каждый может на него повлиять.
  5. На него легко можно повлиять.
  6. Я не могу разменять эту сумму.
  7. Эта повесть легко читается.
  8. Он часто выступает на конференциях.
  9. Комнату украсили к празднику.
  10. Она принимает активное участие во всех мероприятиях.

1a) He will make a report at the conference.

  1. b) A report will be made at the conference.

a) The child is left at home. b) They leave their child at home.
a) I don’t know her address. b) Her address isn’t known to me.
a) They will continue the treatment. b) The treatment will be continued.
a) All the notes will be shown by him. b) He will show all the notes.
a) He can prescribe antibiotics. b) Antibiotics can be prescribed.

Exercise 4.Поставьте следующие предложения в форме FutureSimplePassive:
Model: The teeth are extracted under local anaesthesia.- The teeth will be extracted under local anaesthesia.

  1. You are being treated with a new drug.
  2. His blood pressure is checked every day.
  3. The pain is not relieved by this medicine.
  4. I am not given sedatives.

Exercise 5.

  1. a) Поставьте следующие предложения в вопросительной форме.
  2. b) Поставьте данные предложения в отрицательной форме:
  3. Her blood analyses were made regularly.
  4. His blood pressure is checked every day.
  5. You are sent to a sanatorium.
  6. The report will be made tomorrow.

Exercise 6.Поставьте следующие предложения в страдательный залог:

  1. Doctors administer their patients different procedures.
  2. Nurses give injections to the patients.
  3. A doctor on duty allows this man to sit up.
  4. They take patients’ temperature every morning.
  5. They perform some operations every day.

Exercise 7. Перепишите следующие предложения, поставив наречия неопределённого времени, данные в скобках, на нужное место.

  1. He has just come.
  2. Have you been to Moscow (ever)?
  3. I have met a famous person (never).
  4. I have spoken with him (already).
  5. He has not recovered (yet).
  6. Have you operated on him (already) ?
  7. He has finished his work (just).

7 стр.


Exercise 8.Прочитайте аннотацию к лекарственному препарату и выпишите следующую информацию на русском языке:
— при каких состояниях показан этот препарат;
— продолжительность курса лечения;
— каким категориям пациентов принимать с осторожностью;
— способ приёма препарата;
— что нарушает микрофлору кишечника;
— что сказано о комплексе витамина В и К.
AntiBloat.Probiotic & Prebiotic.
Abdominal bloating is usually associated with PMS, menstruation, constipation, over-eating, food intolerances and intestinal gas when the abdomen feels uncomfortable, full and tight. When digestion is poor, waste materials and the gases they produce can remain in the intestines for long periods of time – often at night temperatures and pressures – and stretch the intestinal walls beyond their comfortable limits.
Imbalances of bad pathogenic bacteria over friendly bacteria in the intestines can result in poor digestive health, production of smelly and uncomfortable gases and sluggish bowel function. A one-week course of AntiBloat re-balances the good
bacteria in the small and large intestines to support healthy digestion and good intestinal passage.
As a food supplement AntiBloat can be given to adults with the following recommendations: take one sachet daily with breakfast for a 7 day course once a month or as professionally directed.
For best results when mixing:

  1. Pour an inch of cold water into a tall glass, shake and gently sprinkle in a powder.
  2. Leave powder to settle on the surface of the water – it will dissolve naturally.
  3. Swirl the water around in the glass.
  4. If necessary, mix with a teaspoon to disperse any remaining powder.

It is not recommended to give probiotics to severely immunosuppressed patients, post cardiac surgery patients, patients with pancreatic dysfunction or patients with blood in the stool unless under a doctor’s care.
Background Information
Did you know that each of us has around 100 trillion bacteria in our intestines? Than is 10 times the number of cells in our body, and can weigh around 1, 5 kg! This microflora consists of both friendly probiotic bacteria and bad pathogenic bacteria that co-exist in a complex ecosystem. Having a healthy balance of probiotics over pathogens plays an important role in digestion and immunity.
Probiotics support digestion in several capacities. A healthy balance of
friendly bacteria in the intestines provides specific enzymes needed in the digestion of particular substances, produces B complex vitamins and vitamin K, and aids the absorption and uptake of minerals and nutrients in the diet.
A healthy balance of friendly bacteria also helps maintain overall immunity as to two-thirds of the body’s immunity is managed in the intestines. Where there is a healthy balance of friendly bacteria in the intestines, acidity is high which hinders the growth and survival of bad bacteria, and enables the growth of friendly bacteria to multiply.
However, the balance of bacteria in the intestines is fragile and can easily be disrupted by several factors such as antibiotics, ageing, diet, environment and the menstrual cycle.
AntiBloat is an advanced formulation of unique probiotic strains and probiotics that helps maintain a healthy balance of friendly bacteria in the intestines throughout the month to support digestive health, aid natural digestive transit and promote a comfortably flat stomach.

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